Dr. Swati Suradkar

Consultant Breast Surgeon

Dr. Swati Arun Suradkar is a well-known “Consultant Breast surgeon in Pune”, practising in Pune, for the last 10 years. She completed her graduation [MBBS] from the prestigious B.J Medical College, Pune in 1999. She has completed her Post-graduation [DNB, General Surgery] from Ruby hall Clinic, Pune. She is trained in Breast Cancer Surgery at Tata Memorial Cancer Center, Mumbai. She passed MUHS Fellowship in Breast Surgery with distinction. She pursued her further training abroad, in “Advanced Oncoplastic Breast Cancer Surgery” at the reputed Guy’s & St. Thomas Hospital, in London, UK, a worldwide renowned centre for Breast cancer management.

She is a member of the Association of Breast surgeons of India (ABSI), the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune Surgical Society.

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Breast Surgery

Today breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women next to cervical cancer. However early detection and treatment at an early stage can prevent many deaths and prolong patients life. These include wide spectrum of diseases ranging from simple breast pain or lumps and bumps in the breast to cancer of the breast. The incidence of breast cancer is rapidly rising in India. Breast Surgery is a surgical faculty which deals with all types of breast complaints. Screening by mammography can detect cancer at early stage

Breast Surgery involves removal of the tumor along with some surrounding healthy tissue. This surgery can be also used to inspect the nearby axillary lymph nodes, which lies under the arm. A breast surgeon is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer. There are two types of surgeries

Lumpectomy – This surgery involves elimination of tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue. Radiation therapy is recommended for remaining breast tissue. Lumpectomy is also known as breast-conserving surgery or segmental mastectomy.

Mastectomy – This surgery involves the elimination of the entire breast. There are many types of mastectomy.

Benign Breast Diseases

Benign breast diseases means non concerous diseases of breast.
It includes many diseases ranging from simple brest pain to tumour (lump) formation.

Benign Breast Diseases

  •  Mastalgia
  •  Breast Infection [Mastitis / Breast Abscess]
  •  Cysts in breast
  •  Solid lumps in breast
  •  Nipple discharge


Breast cancer starts from different parts of breast. Commonly it starts in the ducts of breast that carry milk to the nipple. It is also known as ductal cancer. Other type of breast cancer starts in the glands that create breast milk. Lesser no. of cancers start in other breast tissues, sarcomas and lymphomas.

Breast Cancer starts when the cells in the breast start growing out of control. It is the excessive cell growth that causes cancer usually they form a tumour or lump and it can spread to distant parts of the body. Breast cancer commonly starts in the cells of milk ducts (Ductal cell ca ). Sometimes it can start in the glandular cells of the breast (lobular ca ).

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

The awareness about the cosmetic aspect of the breast is rapidly increasing in society. Due to modern advances in surgical techniques, it is now possible to enhance the cosmetic aspect of the breast with the help of cosmetic breast surgery.

Dissatisfaction with breast size & shape is not only a cosmetic concern but may lead to physical & psychological symptoms.

While Breast augmentation leads to enhanced self Image, Breast reduction & breast lift procedures lead to relief from back & shoulder pain and improvement of posture and comfort.

Women’s self-confidence & self-esteem in social life, as well as personal life dramatically, improve after cosmetic breast surgery Modern Surgical Techniques in cosmetic breast surgery is safe, reliable & results are good.

Breast Self Examination (BSE)

To be breast aware means becoming familiar with how your breasts look and feel. You should understand how your breasts may change at different times during the month and also as you get older. For some women, breasts become enlarged, tender and lumpy just before a period, and then return to normal once the period is over, others may have swollen breasts throughout their cycle. Age, pregnancy, and the menopause can all affect the size and feel of your breasts. The important thing is to recognise which changes are usual and which are not. Make sure you know what is normal for you.

These are the five steps to self-examination that every woman should practice every month.

General Medicine Dr. Arun Suradkar

Dr. Arun Suradkar has a huge experience in the field of general medicine. He deals with the diagnosis and non surgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. It includes a vast range of disorders affecting every part of the body. He has vast experience in dealing with all acute and chronic illness like Diabetic, hypertension, thyroid disorders, lung diseases , fever and general illness and many more. General Medicine is a base speciality and its assistance is sought by all super specialities. All acute and chronic illnesses are dealt with. He is practicing as a Consultant Physician since 2010. He is leading physician at well known institute Columbia-Asia Hospital Kharadi. He has exclusive experience working in ICU ( Critical Care Unit ) and has saved many lives.

Their clinical skills are supported by excellent laboratory and investigatory facilities. Commonly general public approach to a physician at first instance for any illness. So Family Physician, is the term given to a physician where patients gets a caring approach , appropriate treatments and guidence from the physician .

What Our Patient Says

We went for getting treatment of a tumor, Dr. Swati madam guided us in most ethical manner through the entire treatment. Madam was very soft spoken, excellent knowledge and responds to all our questions in detail, Surgery and post Surgery was handled very well. One of the best Doctor in Maharashtra. We are very thankful to madam for the entire treatment and surgery.
sachin wagh
sachin wagh
Good doctors,wonderful experience and mdm will give sufficient time for each patient 👍🙏
Ashwini S Gouler
Ashwini S Gouler
Dr Swati is really good at what she does. Satisfied with the lumpectomy treatment. Would recommend her for breast related issues.

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