Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The awareness about cosmetic aspect of the breast is rapidly increasing in the society. Due to modern advances in the surgical technique, it is now possible to enhance the cosmetic aspect of the breast with the help of cosmetic breast surgery. 

Why Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

Dissatisfaction with breast size & shape is not only a cosmetic concern but may lead to physical & psychological symptoms. 

While Breast augmentation leads to enhanced self Image, Breast reduction & breast lift procedures lead to relief from back & shoulder pain and improvement of posture and comfort. 

Women’s self-confidence & self-esteem in social life, as well as personal life dramatically, improve after cosmetic breast surgery Modern Surgical Techniques in cosmetic breast surgery is safe, reliable & results are good. 

Augmentation Mamoplasty(Silicon Implant)

Enhancement of the size & Shape of the breast with the help of silicone gel implant. Best candidates are the women with small breast due to developmental reasons, after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss. Age group vary from the twenties to any older age group. The fullness of breast makes women feel complete. It increases the self-esteem & self-confidence in women’s personality.

Silicon Implant is a safe procedure. It does not interfere with breastfeeding function. It does not increase the risk of a tumour nor it interferes with tumour detection. Scar of the procedure is the underside of the breast which is not visible. 

Reduction Mamoplasty

It is the volume & weight reduction of the breast with aesthetic enhancement, Large, Heavy, Pendulous breast are the reason for constant neck pain, back pain. They cause grooves on the shoulder due to bra strips. They cause chronic macerated skin in the inframammary fold. They are the focus of embarrassment in social life. Breast reduction procedure gives both physical as well as the psychological benefit to the woman. 


Correction of sagging of the breast to give them more firm appearance.