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1. What is a lump in a breast?

A localized swelling in the breast is usually a lump in the breast.

2. Are all lumps in breast are due to Cancer?

No.  All lumps in the breast do not occur due to cancer. Usually, lumps in young patients [15 to 25 yrs] are fibroadenomas. Lump in women after the age of 40yr should be treated with suspicion But exception does occur sometimes. Other lumps like cyst, abscess, mastitis or a phylloid tumour etc can also occur in women.

3. When should we do sonography of breast & when to do mammography?

In young patients (<40yr) usually, sonography is done. It differentiates between solid & cystic lump very well.

Mammography is done after  40 yrs either for screening purpose or for diagnosis of breast cancer. It can easily detect changes in Breast cancer. Sonography combined with mammography is called sonomamography.  It is done for more information  & accurate diagnosis.

4. If a lady is having breast cancer in family does other people have risk of getting cancer?

No. cancer does not spread by air, or water or food transmission neither by blood transmission. But generic transmission can happen.

5. Does all patients of breast cancer need chemotheraphy / Radiation therapy?

It depends upon the stage & histopathological features of the breast cancer.