Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune

Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune

The incidence of Breast Cancer is rapidly rising in India due to urbanisation & Changing lifestyle. It is a leading cause of death in women & occurs in about 28 in a 1 lakh women. Even though we cannot totally prevent breast cancer but early Diagnosis & treatment can save life.Dr.Swati Suradkar is known for the best Breast cancer treatment in Pune.

Risk Factors

  • Female Gender is itself a risk factor.
  • Increasing Age.
  • Women with family history of Cancer Breast Particularly to mother or sister.
  • Women with no child or late pregnancy (After 30 yrs).
  • Women whose periods started early or whose menopause occurred late.
  • Women who eat high-fat diet, obese, alcoholic and smoker.
  • Women who have taken earlier types of OC pills with more estrogen.
  • Breast cancer can also occur, men, although very rare.(1%)

Symptoms of breast cancer you should never ignore

– Lump in breast – most common (90 %)

– Nipple Discharge

– Retraction or deviation of nipple

– Dimpling or Teethering on the Breast 

– Rash or ulcer on nipple or breast

– Swelling in Axilla 

In 90 % of patient Breast cancer is first noticed as a lump in the breast, however, 90 % lumps in the breast are not cancer.

Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer :

Early diagnosis & Early treatment can cure breast cancer.

Mammography :

It is the X-ray of the breast using the specially designed machine.

  • Sign of early breast cancer can be detected as early as 3yrs before it is actually seen.
  • It shows exact size, location & number of tumours in the breast.
  • Most women should have the first mammogram done of the age of 40 yrs especially those having the positive family history. 

Biopsy :

The biopsy is obtaining the sample from the breast lump either by a fine needle or by taking out the small piece of lump. IT is sent to the pathology lab. Which tells exact nature of the lump whether it begins or cancer 

Breast cancer treatment in Pune:

Once you feel that you have breast cancer, it’s normal to think over what is reason for this disease. For this breast specialist/surgeon can help you better way. Visit Dr. Swati suradkar for best breast cancer treatment in Pune.

Treatment of Breast cancer is a multimodality treatment. It includes Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Hormonal Therapy. 

Surgery :

Breast Conservation Surgery-Excision of a tumour with some surrounding tissue & removal of lymph nodes in the axilla. It does not remove the entire breast.

Mastectomy – removal of entire breast with Lymph nodes in the axilla.

Chemotherapy :

Anticancer drugs are given to decrease the risk of cancer spreading to other parts of the body Or recurring again.

Radiation Therapy :

It is destroying remaining cancer cells. It is compulsory after BCT & sometimes needed after, mastectomy. It is also useful for pain management. 

Hormonal Therapy :

Certain types of breast cancer are amenable to hormonal treatment. They are ER/PR, HER-2 positive tumours 

Other Test & Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune:

Depending upon the stage of breast cancer other tests such as chest X-Ray USG Abdomen, CT Scan, Bone Scan are done to rule out Metastasis. For more information please visit Dr. Swati Suradkar is experienced Breast Surgeon in Wellness Clinic Pune. She provides Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune. Feel free to discuss your all kind of breast problems. and get the best Breast cancer Treatment in Pune.

Dr. Swati Suradkar Talking About Breast Cancer Awareness